Digital Marketing Company Toronto

Digital Marketing Company Toronto

Web development, SEO, Social media marketing and email marketing, MarketinGrow’s digital marketing services in Toronto offer competitive prices and best in its class services to all its clients.As Toronto grows in terms of businesses and opportunities, transform your business into an online superstar with MarketinGrow’s digital marketing services. We connect your business with quality leads and help your business grow.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a sum total effort of data and analytics that help improve the performance of your business online. In simple words, digital marketing is the promotion of your brand through the internet. Digital marketing includes.
  • Social media management
  • Social media Marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing
  • SEO
  • Web development
  • Website Design
  • Lead generation

What are the types of digital media?

From tv to a banner on the highway everything that promotes a service visually or through the internet is a form of digital media. Digital marketing focuses on the internet aspect of advertising your business through platforms like search engines, social media, and emails.
Under digital media marketing in Toronto, we usually define them in 3 categories
1)Paid media- these are promotions a business pays for like, like endorsements with influencers, sponsored ads, and PPC (paid per click).
2) Owned media- these are sources you as a business have complete control over like website content, blogs and your own social media account postings.


3) Organic- these are the ones a business doesn’t pay. Clicks through the search engine, magazine and 3rd party blog referring to your business is a form of organic media.
At MarketinGrow we aim at a combined strategy of using all the above-mentioned categories together since they provide better results when grouped together.

What is the advantage of Digital Marketing?
Digital marketing services in Toronto, are the need of the hour for many small businesses not only is it cost-effective but it helps track growth and results faster than traditional marketing strategies.
Some of the advantages of Digital marketing in Toronto are:

  • Better reach
  • Better organization and management
  • Owners can focus on business growth
  • Lesser cost incurred
  • Better online presence and ranking

What services does MarketinGrow provide under Digital Marketing?

● Web development in Toronto
● Web design in Toronto
● Social media management agency in Toronto
● Email marketing
● Lead generation

● Social media marketing for Toronto businesses
● Online advertising
● Search engine optimization (SEO)
● Domain, SSL and hosting services
● Paid search marketing

Each of our digital marketing services will prove to be avaluable addition to your marketing strategy here are some of the services and their advantages:
Social media marketing- reach your target audience over a variety of platforms, through social media engagement and regular postings. In many cases, social media is an effective tool to engage with customers and gain loyal customers. It also helps Lead generation and broadcasting your services to a range of customers across the globe with minimum efforts
Email marketing- following up on leads, informing your current and potential customers about your services or new additions can be tedious. With email marketing by MarketinGrow, we create a list of potential and current customers to engage and re-engage with. We include nurture emails, promotions and newsletters to keep your customers interested and generate leads.
Web development- with a well-developed website, half the war is already won. Creating a website through MarketinGrow with our team of expert web developers in Toronto gives your business better visibility, organic traffic and more lead generation and conversion rates compared to its competitors. We also provide web app development and mobile app development so that you can reach your customers through adaptable web design.
SEO and SEO audits- our content creation team helps create SEO friendly content. From website landing pages to social media posts and emails SEO can be a great tool to convert leads faster and reach new customers in a shorter span of time. Periodic audits and reviews help your website and content stay up to date and relevant.
MarketinGrow has an in-house team of experts with over 30+ years of combined industry experience in their respective fields. This helps us ensure that the services we provide as a digital marketing company in Toronto are up to date and similar to industry leaders.
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