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Digital Marketing

ADigital marketing is marketing to users who use internet via computers, smartphones or tablets to access websites online. Digital marketing efforts focus on email, social media, SEO and website apps.

AA digital marketing expert will help you reach potential customers, follow up and create leads and covert them to clients for your business. Incorporating digital marketing in your marketing agenda helps your business reach a larger audience and market and supports offline and traditional marketing efforts that are made by your business.

A100% it will. Marketingrow has a portfolio of clients that have grown twice their original size mainly through digital marketing. In fact, we recommend small businesses to incorporate digital marketing as one of the most important strategics for their business to grow mainly because of how resourceful it is in the long run. Getting your business online gives access to customers 24×7 keeping your company open for business at all hours with out the need to tend to customers physically.

AContent strategy establishes objectives and goals for your business to build a valuable client list. We analyze, plan and promote your business in a way that more customers are aware of your business and services it provides.

AConsider asking yourself these questions to help you create an outline for your marketing plan.
How many social media platforms would you like to stay accessible on?
Does your business need blog?
If so, how often and should they be short or long form content?
How often should you update your website?
Do you want a mobile friendly website design?
If you are unsure how to answer the above questions click on our SEO FAQs for a detailed answer and more about content strategies.
If you have any other questions, book a consultation to know how Marketingrow can customise a plan to help your business become internet friendly.

Marketing Consultation

AMarketing consultation services by MarketinGROW provides access to marketing experts for all your digital marketing needs. The consultant will plan a strategy based on the analysis of your business and its present and potential marketto help promote and grow your business.

AIn any given field expecting high level of dedication and professional behavior is a must apart from this look for the following attributes in your preferred consulting service:

  • Responsiveness
  • Strategic planning
  • Understanding local markets and businesses
  • Transparent reporting
  • Optimize marketing campaigns

AEvery business has a different meaning of success. While one business client may just want branding others may want lead generation. Our services are an amalgamation of different marketing strategy practices to provide the best results. Our efforts are based on your vision for your business. Marketingrow promises efforts that result in steady growth and support to your business needs.

AWe do not offer set price as every business need differ. To determine how much you need to invest we will need to create a marketing strategy and provide a package on a reasonable budget that will suit your business. Feel free to book a consultation with us to know more.

AWe provide all Digital marketing services under on roof. Our team of experts from marketing field with decades of knowledge and cutting-edge technology to support that. Marketingrow is your one stop destination for all your digital marketing needs that help you save money in the long run and grow your business and brand presence among your target audience.

ASolid strategy planning
Defined goals and objectives
Monitoring metrics such as daily traffic,
lead conversion, social media
engagement, creating profit margins, managing web traffic etc.
Helping you expand your business
Defining and managing ROI and KPIs
Identify new opportunities and engage with existing clients
Brand Reputation management
Email and social media marketing
Analytical support

Website Development

Note:While talking about web development to service providers many a times you may not know what to expect or ask as it may seem too technical. To help you understand your business’ web development needs better and find the right match here are some FAQs on web development by MarketinGROW experts:

AIf Google hasn’t indexed your website your site will not show up on google search engines. Google requires inbound links to your site when are setup through google services and then google will recognize your website in its search engine. Contact our consultants and we will help you set up the link and activate google search engine ranking for your business.

AAs little as 4days, once google has your website registered and set up a well development and designed website will start to show up on google search engine results.

AOnce your website is live you have to maintain it periodically. Monitor traffic, analysis keywords, update content and engage with visitors. Sign up for a management contract with MarketinGROW as we provide pre and post development services for your website.

AAbsolutely! Gone are the days you would think web site creation, design and management are time consuming and heavy on your business budget. MarketinGROW provides budget friendly web development services and redesigning of your existing websites.

AStatic website is a basic website that is written only on HTML, whereas, are dynamic as the name suggest is more flexible, written on complex code thereby allowing it to be multi faced for its users. Dynamic website can be changed more frequently and supports more advanced formats on the webpage.

AYes, you can. Where some pages can be hosted on a static code, other pages can be designed on a dynamic code to support flexible changes periodically.

AWe include all major gate way platforms in our web design a development. Although, depending on your requirements we can study specific platforms of your interest and integrate it with your website.

AWord press is a content managementsystem (CMS) that helps you host your website without the requirement to know complex codes and HTML coding that is required to build a website from scratch.

Search Engine Optimization

Note:We know you want to know everything required for your business and if you are investing in a digital marketing strategy, it’s probably a good idea too! So, here are some Questions we get asked often:

ASEO stands for Search engine optimization. Search engines like Google and Bing use search engine bots that recognize keywords in websites and display related content to match the users search needs in SERPs (search engine result pages). Search engine optimization aims at placing keywords in your website and content in a bid to get your page a higher ranking so it shows up in the first page of any search result. Thereby increasing web traffic to your page.

APPC stands for Paid Per Clicks. It helps you target your content through demographic behaviors. It is a part of search engine marketing just as much as search engine optimization is. Ppc is paid advertisement, think of it as buying traffic for your page.

AEvery time a user clicks a PPCAd it triggers a response that then changers the business only every time a user clicks on the ad or sponsored search result for the business.

ASeo friendly web design is when your website is optimized with Seo so that every time a user uses a mobile device, they can access a responsive web page.

ADepends SEO optimization is a long-term marketing strategy,after optimization it can take days, weeks or more. But gradually with an up-to-date website, related content results are often visible. Keep in mind SEO is a long-term objective of a business and can often take months but is is also a guaranteed way for improving traffic to your website.

AMarketingrow analysis your business and its competitors along with online searches and analytical tools to build a list or keywords that work best with your webpage. We then use this Information and keywords that suit your business and its needs to optimize your website. Website relevancy and generating traffic is are our primary goal.


  • Primary source for lead generation
  • Better close rates (SEOhas better conversion rates compared to cold and warm calling)
  • Helps in managing costs for promotion
  • Seo encourages clients to visit physical stores
  • Sep helps build brand reputation and image.

ABacklinks are an important part of promoting traffic to your website. Similar to an ad for your shop. Back links are your webpage or website links posted on other forums and websites to source traffic to your site. Yes, you can buy backlinks but it goes against Google’s policies and if Google finds that you have purchased back links you will see your website ranking penalized and plummet. Instead MarketinGROW uses organic techniques and posts on related blog sites and forums to earn organic backlinks.

AConducting SEO audits helps your website change and use relevant content and keywords that help keep your website content up to date.
Speak to our consultants to know more about improving traffic and lead generation tactics for your webpage.

LinkedIn Marketing

ALinkedIn marketing is the process of leveraging LinkedIn to make business connections, generate leads and create an online brand.
AYes, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and works much better when it comes to lead generation in comparison to Facebook and other platforms.

ALinkedIn Sales navigator is a subscription service offered by LinkedIn that provides advanced tools to be used in the process of identifying potential customers and generating leads. 

ASales Navigator offers more search results than free LinkedIn, it has no profile view limit unlike the free version and offers a lot more advanced search features in comparison to the free version.

ALinkedIn marketing is particularly effective for B2B (business-to-business) marketing and networking, as the platform is focused on professional connections and business-related content.

AIt is the process of reaching out to potential leads from a contact list created by us. 

A We keep in mind the target audience while drafting the content, ensuring a personalized approach that aligns with your goals.
AAbsolutely! We offer LinkedIn profile optimization services to ensure your personal and company profiles effectively represent your brand and attract your target audience.

Graphic Design

ACreating the visual elements of any digital project is called graphic design.
AGraphic designing is used in almost all processes of creating an online brand identity. Logos, websites, social media posts. Graphic design is used whenever visual elements are required. 
AAt MarketinGROW we specialize in creating logos, visual assets for your website and social media as well.
AAmong the many graphic designs that we offer, Logo design is one of them as well.
AThere is no fixed cost to a project, since every business differs. It depends on the industry, marketing strategy etc. To know more, feel free to book a consultation.
AWe use industry-standard graphic design software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop and Canva.



  • UI/UX Design
  • Social Media Posts
  • Logo Design using
  • Animation Videos
  • Brand Graphics Guideline
  • Brochures
  • Presentations
  • Trade Show Booth / Standees
ATo kick off a project, we’ll need information about your brand, target audience, preferred design style, and any specific content or elements you want to include

Video Production

AWe produce short format videos for various social media platforms and websites as well.
AThere is no ‘better’ format of videos. It depends on the purpose. However, for the context of social media branded videos are preferred to be short.
ACorporate video production is the creation of a video by a business for marketing purposes.
AVideos that company’s use on their websites and social media to explain their business are called explainer videos.
AWe use the industry standards, Photoshop, Premier pro and Canva
AThere is no fixed cost to a project, since every business differs. It depends on the industry, marketing strategy etc. To know more, feel free to book a consultation.
A Yes, we can integrate your branding elements such as logos, color schemes, and brand messaging into the explainer video to ensure consistency with your overall brand identity.
AYes, we can provide guidance on video marketing strategies to help you maximize the impact of your videos.
AYes, we optimize videos for various online platforms to ensure they meet specific format requirements.
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